We, Egyptians, like to have bags that can literally include everything we use from a bottle of perfume to some roz bel bamya from last night’s dinner just in case we get hungry. With the summer season finally here, we want to pack light and enjoy our time at the beach.

Here’s a list of all the beach essentials that are so worth all the shoulder pain!

1. A Spare Swimsuit!

In case you decide to not lose the roz bel bamya and have it on the beach, those extra calories can tear up your swimsuit. A jellyfish could also get in your bottoms and you decide to lose it in the sea!

2. A Huge Beach Towel!

We don’t want to be sharing our towels or having to lay on the bare sand because we’re out of seats or sunbeds. A huge towel will be a savior and a weapon to kick your annoying friends at the same time!

3. Dark Sunglasses

The dark colored shades will be efficient in the scorching sun and will also give you a chance to stare at other people without them noticing!

4. Sunscreen/Tanning Oil

We don’t want you to turn into a piece of charcoal or get those untouchable red shoulders. Those items are must-haves my friend!

5. Snacks and Other Snacks!

For that once, go greedy all the way from chips to sodany if you want! Your friends will grab some and so will friends of your friends.

6. Music Speakers/Book

The speakers/book will do the job when you meet an old friend and they keep on blabbering about issues you couldn’t care less about! They will also save you from listening to all your friends’ ugly vocal talents, we know!

7. Some Entertainment & Exercise!

A frisbee, volleyball or beach rackets are in need! You’ll probably be overeating those freska or bags of chips and a bit of fun exercise will be needed to burn the extra cals!

8. Flip Flops!

Don’t wear attached flip flops; sand and salty water or maybe even a jellyfish might get in between your toes! Make sure you have easily detached comfy flip flops on!

To keep it short, don’t bring your whole room to the beach and don’t wear or bring any make-up. On a side note, make sure you have a portable charger so you can post all those beach selfies. They’re probably more important than the whole contents of your beach bag!