With the great advance in technology lately, Photoshop has gone very far. Almost to a point where we are finding ourselves doubting literally everything we come across on the internet and claiming that it is photoshopped. Well, to save you the hassle, here are 10 photos that are most definitely NOT photoshopped!

1. Forget about walking on sunshine, Robbie Maddison is riding a motorcycle across the ocean


2.  Dave Sandford capturing the apocalypse AKA: Lake Erie


3. Neil Dawson making sure cartoons turn into a reality through his sculptures in New Zealand


4. Gravity is not a word in the photographer, Philippe Ramette’s, dictionary!

arch2o-surreal-photographs-philippe-ramette-011-500x6225. Awesome graphic design skills? No, It’s just the way the light hits Yosemite Falls!


6. Cloud 9? No, just the world’s largest salt flat, Salar de Uyuni, in Bolivia


7. Speaking of clouds, have you seen this lenticular clouds photo?


8. Don’t you worry, it’s just Mustang Wanted trying to kill himself in one of his stunts!


9. A photo taken by Panhandle Helicopters on a windy day in Florida


10. Have you met Brutus? Yep, this is an 812 pound grizzly bear that was adopted by the Anderson family!


Well, if you think you’ve seen everything that this world has to offer, think again!