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Checking Facebook messages a few days back, I was stunned to find a rather disturbing message from one of our fans. The message brought back ugly memories, which I deliberately chose to forget. Some things never change in Cairo, one of them is public masturbation.

The message was from a girl who was standing in the balcony of her flat when a passer-by car made a stop below. The guy immediately unzipped and started fondling with his genitals, yes in plain sight! Appalled, she moved to the other side avoiding eye contact, only to find that the pervert had moved his car to the other side facing her again!!

I recalled similar incidents in the past where the daily routine of a ‘sofragy’, working in a flat overlooking our schoolyard, was to masturbate publicly before us during every sports lesson. Another was in front of Cairo University where some prick used to go at it facing the fence of the uni. A taxi driver has once parked below our building, also masturbating for no obvious reason. Growing up was a daunting task. I thought things had changed, but apparently they haven’t.

The questions I cannot fathom or find an answer to until now, are what gets into them? What is so arousing about watching a girl standing in her balcony, or a school playground or girls simply walking on the street? Why publicly? How could one put their twisted head to such a perverted act publicly over and over again???

That’s besides that no one seems to be attempting to stop this sick phenomenon; no one seems to care.

Indecent public actions should be a horrifying sight, not to be taken lightly. It causes psychological traumas that are difficult to heal in a taboo oriented, hush hush society like ours.

الرأفة بالبنات

  • Ahmad Reda Ja’far

    I saw such story at Mohandseen a man I assumed he was out of awareness to do that to two girls were looking at him at noon where ppl in their cars are around on me7war bridge