For a while now, I’ve been hearing a lot of ‘Why are you single?’ and ‘What are you waiting for?’ You’d be surprised that some people even joke about me still being single in my twenties. When I say ‘commitment is not on my priority list right now’, people think I’m joking or even hiding my failure to hunt down a partner behind a sophisticated answer. Some people truly do that, but it’s not the case for me. In this article, I would like to share how we, people of the same mindset, feel. To be honest, I want to expose people on the other side to this somehow unconventional way of thinking!

1.The Decision and Priority

We all go through phases in life where our surroundings and characters shape how we think or what we want. I have been in situations which made me redefine my concept of happiness. Self-fulfillment, change or even travel and cultural exchange are but a few examples. I agree these things can happen while being involved in a relationship, but maybe my independent reshaping has made me happier chasing my own dreams or goals that I have decided to set as my priority!

2. Admitting the Lonely Aspect

The thing is people think that just because I have taken that decision that I’m acting all happy on my own. People who are single are human beings who will have hard days and will sometimes need other people to talk to, but maybe we have developed a way to overcome these hard days on our own and wake up the next day still feeling happy that way.

3. The Alternative

To be honest, being single sometimes urges the person to look for an emotional alternative to a relationship and in some cases like mine, this alternative does the dirty work that a relationship fulfills. Things like someone to care for and talk to when in need as well someone to spend some good time with on a regular basis. I myself have decided to widen my scope of friends; others engage themselves in lots of activities to meet new people. We’re different but we sort ourselves in our own ways to fill what you may think is a social gap!

4. It’s Pressure for Me!

I know what they all say, ‘When you’re in love, all the pressure fades away.’ The thing is no one can escape love, but some people just do not take it forward. I myself admit to get so pressured by having emotional obligations and sadly enough I do not enjoy the mind games. Maybe one day I will, but at the current status, I find it enough to listen to my all friends’ drama!

5. I’m Not into Trial and Error

Some people argue that I should be more emotionally flexible. Many single people out there can be picky and I believe that is not the problem. I do not see myself capable of jumping from one relationship to the other. I see myself one day falling for the right person at the right time, and I guess they say it will come unplanned. Till then, I think I want to live my life that way!

To sum up, I believe people should not base their lives on relationships. I wish people can chase what they want rather than what they are supposed to want! Some people may be struggling to find a partner and I don’t see why they shouldn’t be honest about it. On the other hand, others are perfectly aware of that but choose to live their lives differently. We all have different worlds shaping how we think and one could never absorb all the mentalities out there, including mine in certain cases, so live it your own way!