To some people, it could be very hard to let go of a friend that they once loved so deeply. The sad thing about life though, is that sometimes we really have to. Sometimes friends stop bringing joy to our lives, and instead become a burden. It’s an endless loop really, because it’s very hard to let go of a friend that once occupied a very special place in your heart. Which is why this article will hopefully provide you with reasons to finally let go of the friends who have been sucking the light out of your beautiful soul.

1.When trust and loyalty are no longer being served on the table

It seems to me that sometimes we hold on to our friends just for the fact that we’ve known them for a very long time. I honestly get it. You invest so much time in a person and feel like you know them and they know you inside out, so it gets hard to move on. The truth is, however, even after a very long time, friends can turn on you. When you start to feel like your life revolves around that friend while you’re only a stop for them along the way, just do yourself a favor and leave. Loyalty and trust are the basics of any friendship. If they won’t be there for you when you need them or manage to cut you off for months without giving you a call, then what’s the use? Let them go.

2. If their friendship starts hurting you emotionally

Never underestimate the power of a friend. They could lift you up and bring you down in a matter of seconds. If you feel like your friends are causing you to always doubt yourself, if you catch yourself stuck at times wondering why you were never good enough for them, then this friendship is not the right one for you.

3. When you no longer have things in common with each other

One thing we often underestimate is the fact that we change. It’s not anyone’s fault really. It’s just that as we grow older, we go through different experiences that shape us into different people than we once were. Our interests differ, and sometimes we end up having absolutely nothing in common with friends we once loved. This is when it’s OK to just go; it’s called growing up.

4. If you feel like you are the only one fighting to make your friendship work

Sometimes we keep holding on to people who are long gone. We fight and we fight for them. We fight to get their attention and we fight to see them more often. That’s when we should stop and look at all the signs. The truth is you can’t really make someone love you if they don’t. You can’t keep asking them to call you or check up on you. No matter how many times you ask for their love, you won’t get it if it doesn’t come from their hearts. Can you honestly tell me that you will be happy if they called you because you asked them to?

5. If your friendship is not providing you with what you need

There are no guideline for how friendships should be like. You make up the rules. There are definitely no rights or wrongs. Ask yourself “what am I looking for in a friendship?” It could be anything. You could be looking for someone to support you, to believe in you or even to hangout with you on your darkest days. If you don’t find that in your friend, don’t let anyone convince you that it’s your fault. It’s not. Life is short. Befriend only people who would provide you with what you need. Don’t settle.

6. To be able to move on with your life

This is the most crucial reason to let go of a toxic friend. You know the song “Used To Love You” by Gwen Stefani? Well, this is exactly the reason you should let go of a friend. It is only when you let go of the friend that you loved with all your heart while they still managed to hurt you in every way possible, that you are truly open to move on. There is closure. There is ease in knowing that you used to love a person who was once so good to you yet despite all the love you had for them, despite how bad it hurt you when you chose to leave them, YOU STILL DID! And that is all the assurance you need in your life.

It is only then that you realize you are strong enough, that you are truly able to make room for new friendships.