Every relationship comes with its own set of good and bad. It’s a package deal where you either take it all or leave it all. You can’t really bargain your way to a better deal unless you decide to change the package altogether! No one is perfect and that includes our significant others, no matter how much we like to believe or convince ourselves otherwise. There will always be quirks about our partners that we’ll have to learn to live with overtime. We asked around and got you unfiltered confessions as to what turn/turned off these 17 Egyptians from their current/past partners. 

1- “My girlfriend has this bizarre habit of licking my fingers in very inappropriate situations. For instance, if we’re out somewhere with friends and I’m eating chips, she likes to lick my fingers instead of letting me use a napkin. She seems to like it, so I don’t want to tell her that it turns me off.”

2- “My boyfriend beye2felni meno as a person when he doesn’t give a shit about something that matters to me and instead talks about things that are important to him.”

3- “My ex was a little cold when it came to her feelings and that pissed me off a little. She was also very pigheaded. Dema3’ha kanet nashfa. That turned me off.”

4- “He has these weird pet names for me like ‘khasayti’ and ‘amary’ and sometimes I don’t know if he actually finds them cute or if he’s kidding but for the sake of our relationship, I choose to believe the latter.”

5- “Sometimes my boyfriend acts like a retard, even though I know he’s not stupid so the whole thing doesn’t make sense. But it happens, A LOT.”

6- “When he ignores/forgets to introduce me as his girlfriend in the presence of another woman.”

7- “I catch my girlfriend sometimes picking her nose in secret. Let’s just say it’s not sexy. It also makes me wonder where she wipes it off.”

8- “My boyfriend is VERY stingy and that’s a huge turnoff for me. But I love him and I tell myself that it’s a bad habit I can live with.”

9- “knowing that he would apply body moisturizer for a softer skin! I mean, I don’t even do that!”

10- “A lot of the times my girlfriend’s nails have dirt underneath them and she never seems to care.”

11- “I got so turned off when he told me he wasn’t circumcised. But, I’m not sure if I should be saying this or not because I feel like it’s politically incorrect to admit this.”

12- “When my girlfriend says sh*t like ‘mesh akalt’, ‘mesh sherebt’. Seriously, I’m not dating a toddler. Act your age.”

13- “My ex used to spit on the street, which was disgusting.”

14- “I know that farting is a human condition and I don’t mind when my girlfriend farts in my presence, but she does it way too often. And does it always have to smell so horrible? I mean, what does she eat?”

15- “My ex used to be very rude to his mother and to waiters. But believe it or not, it’s not why I broke up with him.”

16- “It’s never something in appearance for me, because I love my partner and I don’t mind when she has a mustache or smells bad. But I get turned off when she acts selfishly or does something stupid.”

17- “My boyfriend always compares me to his exes, and it makes me lose my mind and resent him a bit. Na2es ye2oli ‘my ex didn’t look like that’.”

18- “It’s embarrassing to admit it, especially because I’m a girl, but his hairy chest really turns me off. ”

19- “Her narcissistic tone.”

20- “Well, one of my exes was actually a turnoff that materialized as a human being.”

This just proves that love ISN’T blind!