Customers are heavily anticipating the most awaited shopping season of the year, Black Friday, leaving online retail merchants in competition to penetrate the biggest share of online customers. Egypt has led the pathway in E-commerce in Africa, pioneering technological advances with unprecedented customer satisfaction in the rapidly expanding industry. With this in mind, customers have taken advantage of the shopping season annually on Jumia’s platform, with expected offers from over 3,000 brands and up to 200,000 offers running for an entire month this year.

E-commerce has seen significant growth the past 5 years, with increasing internet penetration in both desktop and mobile usage. Egypt was home to 96.2 Million mobile subscriptions with a penetration rate of 108.5%, positioning the e-market as the center of retail development opportunities. With this in mind, Jumia introduced the historical Black Friday shopping season in 2014 in Egypt, which originated in the United States to mark the beginning of the Christmas gifting season. Discounts and offers are usually the highest in the entire year, making it the most anticipated period to hunt for exclusive promotions.