Growing up, our parents made sure that we got our daily dose of Samoura, and quite honestly it’s safe to say that it didn’t take a lot for us to fall in love with Samoura the comedian. So since we all can’t get enough of him, we gathered some of his best moments for you! Have a pleasant scroll through and thank us later!

1. When you and your friends were broke as hell and couldn’t go anywhere or order any food

2. When you realized midway through an argument that you are not up for the fight!

3. When you went on a night out with your friends and showed them your ridiculously insane dance moves

4. When we were stuck between two life changing decisions and realized that we were going to regret both choices!

5. When your parents traveled and left you home by yourself, and you had no idea how to get house chores done

6. When you had just gotten inked and thought you could seduce your crush

7. When your crush gave you major signs that he/she likes you and you still didn’t get it

8. When you hit the gym for the first time and looked like a complete misfit

9. When you stayed single for so long, you got good at being the third wheeler

10. When he appreciated Bikini Season as much as you do!

We love you Samoura!