It’s the baddest sign of them all season! Of course, the Scorpio!

Here’s how to understand and deal with a Scorpio or maybe.. If you’re trying to have something more than just that!

  • So a Scorpio’s birthday falls between October 22 and November 21st. Their quality is fixed, their element is water, and the symbol for this sign is a scorpion! Which makes sense because we’re talking about a Scorpio. (duh) 
  • This guy isn’t necessarily the best looking, but they can definitely be charming. He’s typically very sure of himself; he knows who he is and he knows who he isn’t. He’s not confused by that for the most part.
  • If you’re interested in a Scorpio man, it’s important to know that if you want him to be interested back never express all of your interest right off the bat. It’s a turn off to him to know that you want him more than he wants you. Try to act a little bit cool. 😉

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  • Scorpios really appreciate a girl who is confident and respects herself. He’ll be more interested in a girl who acts like she really isn’t impressed by him than the one who’s swooning over him and trying to get his attention! He’ll really tend to gear more towards the girl who’s like “who’s that? Don’t care.”

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  • A Scorpio really likes a good mystery. So don’t be completely open about every aspect of your life! Be a bit vague, at least in the beginning.
  • He takes relationships very seriously though! They value the truth and honesty and they’re trustworthy themselves once they’re in an actual relationship, but getting into one they can definitely play the whole “hot and cold” “I’m into you/ I’m not” game! Which can be frustrating and a little difficult to get past.
  • Also this man is interested in a woman who has a really good physical appearance, a lot more than some of the other sun signs. This man wants a woman to really look good! He really appreciates a woman who dresses sexy as long as it’s not “slutty”. He likes his woman to be in shape, he likes her hair always nicely styled, perfect makeup, and all that stuff.
  • Lastly, this guy doesn’t fear rejection like a lot of the other signs, it pushes him to keep going!

Extra Tip:

Don’t accept the first day offer if you’re really trying to get his interest, because he might pursue you further if you reject him the first time.
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