Could polygamy be the same thing as an open relationship? It is far from it. You see, polygamy is the act of having more than one wife but under one condition; that the husband has the consent of both wives. It is really a legalized form of male adultery.

Marriage is sacred as we all know, and we will speak in a neutral point of view to try to understand the people who actually live in these circumstances without any issues.


Love is a strong feeling, and a few people really understand its meaning. What we can agree on is that no one could ever love more than one person at once. It is just emotionally impossible. There are, however, different kinds of love. In the case of a polygamous environment, the man has chosen to show two different yet rational kinds of love to these women. One wife could be bearing his children, and that’s the wife he feels most comfortable with; and you have the second wife who reminds him those feelings of anticipation and excitement that he no longer remembered.

A woman I know is completely okay with being a second wife. She does get jealous sometimes because she was not the wife who gave him his biggest blessings. Her husband shared children with his first wife, and she knew that before getting into a relationship with a married man. She does not resent the man who chooses to still take care of his first wife. She understands that her man is dealing with two very distinct relationships, but he treats them both with outmost respect.


A lot of people will disagree with this settlement; you love one person and one person only. That’s totally fair, it is the woman’s right to choose the terms that should be followed in her household. If the man is stubborn and determined to do what he wants, then it is the wife’s complete right to leave him. She is not forced to stay in a relationship with him. If the man wasn’t fair to his wife, the divorce proceedings will be.


It all comes down to your choice of life; some people accept their living conditions like sharing a husband with another woman; whereas others completely resent this idea. At the end of the day, everyone has his or her reasons and no one is forced to do anything.