We all love to travel but sometimes get worried about some travel hassles at the airport or plane. Identity gathered a few tips that can help make your flying experience just a tad easier. While some of the tips might not always be applicable, they’re still good to know so you can put them to valuable use whenever possible. 

1. Best Seats

If you want a lot of legroom, then opt for seats next to the exits or bulkhead seats (dividing the classes). Bulkhead seats are also family friendly as most airplanes now offer cots for babies in that row. If you get a bit worried about turbulence, then go for seats directly above the wings. If you like to recline your seat then, make sure not to book seats at the rear of the plane as they don’t fully recline.

2. Shorter Queues

Trying to find the shorter queue won’t necessarily mean how many people are in it but rather who. Look for the queue with solo travelers like businessmen, backpackers and airport employees. This can be applied to both checking in your luggage and security. Also, look at the genders. Women tend to have more bags and clothes and can take longer in security and check in.

3. Speedy Boarding

Departures can be lengthy and boring so checking in online can make your boarding process a lot faster. Now, there are also self check in machines at the airport. Some airlines have phone apps that can be used to check in. No more waiting!

4. Free Upgrades

Remember that this doesn’t always happen, so it’s more of a luck thing. Customers with airline loyalty cards or memberships are at the top of the list. Sometimes, airliners can ask flyers if they can take a later flight in case of overbooking. If you’re not in a hurry, take it! You’ll be compensated by an upgrade or cash. If you’re willing to spend some money, some airliners will discount first and business class if you offer to pay while checking in.

5. Get Food Quicker

While booking your flight online, it’ll ask you if you need any special meals in case of allergies or religious requirements. Meals prepared by special order are almost always served first.