By: Dahab ElKady

A 20 year old Austrian tourist had a tragic shark attack while snorkeling in the Red Sea. Her injuries are not very serious; however, the beach was closed for 48 hours.
Christine Schachinger was immediately taken to a private hospital in Marsa Allam where she received surgical treatment for her injured right leg on Saturday August 5th. No diving, snorkeling or yacht trips are allowed on the beach for the next few days.
“There is no threat for the Austrian tourist’s life,” medical sources in the Red Sea governorate confirmed. The girl is now heading back to Austria for further medical treatment.

Minister of Environmental Affairs, Khaled Fahmy, formed a committee of environmental specialists to investigate the case. Looking back a month ago, the Rescue and Environmental Protection Association issued a statement warning
that shark attacks could happen soon as the corpses of dead sheep were found on Ras Gharib beach.