Written by: Sara Mahmoud

The internet is going crazy over Rihanna’s new relationship with Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel. Here are 6 things you didn’t know about the lad:

1- He’s a 29 year old Saudi businessman whose fortune is an estimated 1.5 billion dollars!

2- He’s the son of Saudi billionaire Abdulatif Jameel who owns the distribution rights for Toyota cars in Saudi Arabia and seven other countries. His family also owns Abdulatif Jameel Company which Hassan acts as its Vice President.

3- His family owns a soccer league with 14 teams, yes you heard that right. The league is called the “Jameel League”.

4- He is the president of a charity called the “Jameel Community” whose aims is to reduce poverty and use technology to increase food and water supplies.

5- In 2016, he was linked to supermodel and actress Naomi Campbell, which means it’s not his first time to date a celebrity.

6- Things have been getting real between Rihanna and Hassan since last January. Rihanna has told her friend that she’s in love with him and that they’ve been spending a lot of time together.

So good job RiRi, what’s your secret?!