Forget covalent and ionic bonds because the bond between food and Egyptians is the most unbreakable bond on the face of the planet. Factor in Ramadan, and the bond gets even stronger. There are a variety of dishes such as stuffed vine leaves, konafa, basboosa, rokak and molokheya that are expected to be on every Iftar table in every household. However, that doesn’t mean that we can’t try out new dishes every once in a while. Check out these 5 food social media accounts and blogs for mouth-watering recipes that you can try out this Ramadan.



1- Masters of the Belly

Noha Serageldin is an Egyptian who lives in Oz, Australia. She loves to create new recipes, try them out, photograph and blog about her mesmerizing creations. She also knows how to tell a story powerful enough to make you hungry on the spot as she recites the story behind each single recipe. On her blog, you will find recipes of all kinds, not necessarily Oriental or even Middle Eastern only, along with techniques on how to master the dishes like a pro.  



2- Nora El Sadat

Nora El Sadat is many things at once; she’s a mother, a recipe developer, a food blogger and an avid food lover. On her Instagram account, she shares endless delightful recipes for all of us to try. If you follow her, her perfect creations will immediately inspire you to take a trip to the kitchen to try her recipes yourself.

Instagram: @noraelsadat


3- Kitchen Keys
Sara El Refaie is a Cairo based food blogger and recipe developer who constantly provides her fans with enchanting and easy recipes that she cooks using everyday ingredients. She also often provides recipes of classic dishes but not before she adds her own modern twist to them!
Instagram: @kitchen_keys


4- Tableya

Nevine Baligh, an Egyptian mother and blogger, has created Tableya to share her passion for food with others. Tableya is her 256th attempt at starting a blog, but her first one at starting a food blog! She shares everything from savory and sweet recipes to kitchen tips and everyday as well as special occasions menus.



5- Buttered Up

Buttered Up is a food blog created by Egyptian Indian Celebrity Chef Sarah Khanna. She doesn’t stick to a single cuisine but includes a mix of gourmet and homemade recipes from all over the globe. The recipe index included in the blog is divided into different categories such as: Seafood, Meat & Poultry, Breakfast food, Snacks, Sides & Salads, Desserts, Pastries & Confections and many more.