Dramatic monologue, captivating the stage solo, a crescendo of personal experiences and voice tones, therapeutic interactional dancing, and mapping; all that art as therapy has to offer.

While people never take their kids to watch a storytelling show in one of Downtown’s most famous theaters, they take them to movie screenings because people don’t really consider the magnitude of what a storyteller has to offer.

Aside from it being a lovely form of art, it is a very powerful life coping mechanism. Various organizations celebrate exactly this power by bringing it closer to the people. They create a safe space for them to share what was not easily shared before.

Generally, a lot more happens in the Downtown art scene other than striped scarves and cheap coffee.

#1 Dawar

In what can only be described as an experimentation with art and storytelling, in the heart of Downtown, Dawar organizes events where acting is done on spot to stories being told. People from the audience tell stories and see them enacted before them.

It is also an organization where mental health is of primary importance. So, therapeutic free dancing sessions are one of Dawar’s trademarks. Discussions, dancing, and other art forms perform the healing.


#2 Noon

Noon describes itself as an institution that gives voice to the silent, tones the voices of the loud, and uses the magic of imagination and creativity to stretch the limitations of minds and unleash the marvels of self-expression.

It mainly focuses on art in the theatrical scene contributing with various other multi-cultural groups to deliver their vision.

The enterprise’s founder directed a play with the name Ta’ Sakena where 12 women who worked as caretakers for kids with mental health issues in AlAbassya’s hospital were the actresses. The play is a presentation of the fierceness of motherhood, and womanhood.


#3: BuSSy

BuSSy is an NGO in Downtown that creates a “safe, uncensored space for women and men in Egypt to share their untold personal stories.”

BuSSy crosses every boundary to organize events that tell what is untold. The organization uses stories of domestic violence, violence against men, inmates, sexual harassment, and the raw ugly truth about life. Its storytellers are mostly people who lived the experiences.


#4 D-CAF

These institutions and several others are given a chance to flourish in the Downtown Contemporary Art Festival D-CAF once annually. It happened in 2018 in the two weeks mid-March.

The festival celebrates art in untraditional places such as historical sites, alleyways, and rooftops. You’d be amazed of the methods of art presented as coping mechanisms. In March of 2018, there was an art session that used mapping as therapy.

This is a glimpse of the hundreds of therapeutic art events happening in Downtown at all times. Make sure to catch any of them from the links in the article.