Facebook groups have been getting a lot of hype in the past few years, and Egyptians have been using them to get out their shadiest secrets and life events. Below is a list of some of the strangest Facebook groups that Egyptians have been speaking their hearts out in:

1. Confessions of a Married Woman

In this group, you will find everything about what women look for in their husbands, from their emotional needs to their sex lives and their weird fantasies of what they want their husbands to be like. The only downside and the thing that I personally hate the most is that usually when a woman complains about her husband in this group, the automatic answer is for everyone to tell her to get a divorce. There is also a ‘Confessions of a Married Man’ group for those who are interested.

2. 7ad Ye3raf Men Only/Women Only

So we asked around to know the difference between the two group. Turns out that men ask about special drugs like for example Viagra and other pills, while women are more obsessed with makeup and makeup artists. The group as a whole, however, is quite informative. People ask about all sorts of things like shops and restaurants or where they could take their lovers on dates. Dollars are also traded on this group like crazy and go by “El-Siko-Siko” name.

3. Tgrba/تجربة

It’s a page where people share all sorts of experiences that they went through whether it’s in a restaurant, in a cafe, an ordinary experience or a life experience like that of volunteering in an NGO for example. If you constantly need to validate the quality of the experience you will be getting when you go somewhere or plan on doing something for the first time, then this is the platform for you. As the old notion goes, “Es2al mgarab”.

4. Events, Scholarships & Volunteering

This group is important for undergrads who are just starting out. You will find on the group everything you could think of that could help boost your future career. If you’re looking for a venue to attend a certain course, someone will guide you. And if you’re looking for scholarship opportunities abroad, a lot get posted each day. There are also a lot of volunteer opportunities for those who are interested.

5. Save an Innocent Animal Soul انقذ روح حيوان برئ

To all of you animal lovers, this is definitely the group for you. A lot of animal rescues happen because of this group. The process is fairly easy. You find a wounded animal and you take a picture, give the location, and hundreds of hands volunteer to help. Life changing, right?

6. “Anything” Confessions

You probably know about this one, but we couldn’t not mention it. There are many groups that go with something confessions like for example ‘Cairo Confessions’ and ‘AUC Confessions’, you name it really. Honestly, it’s one of those pages that have a purpose. It just makes you see for yourself the suffering that some people go through sometimes; it’s a place where you can really speak your heart out anonymously. If you feel like you’ve been keeping something and you just want to get it off your chest and pour your heart out to a stranger, you know where to go.

Finally, we know we couldn’t possibly gather all the groups in one article. Feel free to tell us about the ones you find strange, yet worthy in the comments section.