The bro code, also known as the friendship etiquette, the man laws, guidelines or just the bro bible are rules that should be followed between “bros”. If the rules get broken, then you are ultimately a betrayer. And you definitely do not want to be a betrayer.


Rule #1

You should never stop another bro from hooking up with a girl unless you are absolutely sure that this girl is actually a dude.


Rule #2

You never let your broken hearted bro sulk alone. It is your goal to get him out of that mood.


Rule #3

If you catch a bro’s girl cheating, it is your (mission) to call her out as soon as possible.


Rule #4

You are honor bound to say yes when asked to be a bro’s wingman (unless refer to rule #1).


Rule #5

All conversations between your bro is subject to confidentiality. What is said between us stays between us.


Rule #6

You may never under any circumstance hook up with another Bro’s ex. Unless given permission to do so.


Rule #7

Never let your bro sacrifice his dignity for a girl who does not like him back.


Rule #8

You are subject to take care and protect a bro’s girl if the bro isn’t around.


Rule #9

A girl can be treated as a bro under two conditions: she cannot know about the bro rules and you cannot be attracted to her.


Rule #10

When your bro’s girlfriend asks you about his whereabouts, you know nothing.


Rule #11

The ultimate bro code: Lying to your bro disqualifies you from all previous rules.


Breaking these rules will only show how true you are to your best friend. Guys really have a universal and automatic understanding of what to do and what not to do– and that is the only thing that will make you have a long lasting friendship.