Written by: Kanzi Elderini

I think the pursuit of our desires gives us more satisfaction than just their attainment. The experiences you gain throughout the journey of pursuing your desires is not to be compared. You meet new people, learn new things and get more knowledgeable along the way.

The pursuit of our desires is more satisfying than the attainment of our desires because when we get to the other side of the mountain we climbed, the only things that will remain with us are the joys of success that will last for a short period of time and the memories that will forever remind us of how much fun, fatigue, work, connections, experience and people we encountered throughout the journey of pursuing our desires. Although there’s nothing better than the pursuit of our dreams and goals, all the fun experiences throughout the journey will be gone. We will look back at time and wish to start it all over again.

Dread and fear might have a strong impact on you, but the energy, passion and desire to do what you cherish the most could have a greater hold on you than dread and fear ever could. When you start pursuing your desires and dreams, there are times when you’ll be uncertain of the choices you make and it’s totally fine. You’ll have to get out of your comfort zone at times in order to grow, expand and break through your barriers in order to achieve your goals.

Sometimes, you might question your decisions. You might feel like giving up, but know that you can’t stop once you’ve started otherwise you might feel extreme regret. There will also come a day when you will want to stop taking risks, settle down and look for security, but don’t let anything come in your way. You might feel vulnerable, but there will also come a day when you look back at all of this and secretly thank yourself for not quitting. There will come a day where you’ll never feel more alive in your entire life. At the end of the day, you’ll realize that the risks are worth taking and that you’re glad you enjoyed your ride.

Try to enjoy your time while you’re looking for the pursuit of your desires. The ride you’ll experience will be incomparable. Try to make the best out of it and make the most out of everyday, because there will come a day when you look back and smile. Memories are the only things that remain with us as we grow.