By: Noha Essam

It does not always have to be full of chores, deadlines and pending projects. Your daily to-do list can be way more different and fulfilling provided you stay reasonable and not too dreamy. If you are not an improviser, then this is the ultimate to-do-list for you and maybe even for everyone.

1. Remember to Be Grateful

Gratitude is almost becoming an abandoned virtue; one which we truly need but insistently lay aside. It makes a wonderful difference in your day when you remind yourself of the things you are grateful for but have almost taken for granted. Be grateful you have another day on hand, a brand new page in the story of your life which you should work on writing the best you can. More good pages will definitely make a better story in the end. Remember to be grateful for having your loved ones, for your morning cup of coffee, for your job which feels boring but is a dream for someone else who is jobless, for your school/college days which is the reservoir of your happiest future memories when you were last carefree, young and ambitious. Be grateful for the smallest things because they are the ones you will cherish for life.

2. Love Yourself

Before you start pouring out to others, make sure your vessel is full. In other words, when you learn how to love yourself, you will be able to give love to everyone around you. Self-love is not self-worship and is totally a healthy thing. Love the one you are; love your deficiencies and accept them to start working on them. Love your fears and embrace them to help yourself step into the light of faith and hope. Face everything in a big mirror of self-love and not self-beating and judgement. Only then you will see the way and see the light.

3. Read a Good Book

A couple of a pages from a good book is a nutrient to the mind, heart and soul. Words can change, build and resurrect. A good book is a good idea, a good thought and a good company on the journey of life.

4. Break Some Rules

Ride your bike instead of your car. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. Switch off your cellphone and talk to people in person instead of chats. Be crazy in love, with friends, with family. Surprise yourself and others. Too much routine could kill you.

5. Do Some Work of Art

That includes singing in the shower, in the kitchen, in the car. Sketch your feelings on a blank sheet, write poetry, prose. Preparing a good meal could be a work of art too, so enjoy the best of it.

6. Say I’m Sorry, I Love You, I Care

It never lessens you to express what you feel; be it love, regret or consideration. It takes your relations with others to a beautiful level of understanding and appreciation and takes your relation with yourself to a level of taming and nurturing.

7. Do Charity/ Volunteer Work

We make a living by what we get but make a life by what we give.

8. Go to a New Place You Have Never Been to Before

Places are the screens with the imprints of endless human experiences. Places have a spirit, a smell and sights that remain in your soul forever.

9. Cry Like a Little Child and Pour Out Your Heart’s Pains

It is not good locking them up within.

10. Laugh Until You Cry