We’re already midway through the holy month, and we’re kinda getting used to the Ramadan vibes already. We’re surely turning into zombies from the long fasting hours and lack of sleep, but we’re enjoying the drama series and the delicious food nevertheless. The holy month usually turns people into better versions of themselves, but they usually change back when the month folds up! Below are a few examples:

1.The No Make up to Full Make up

Women probably refrain from wearing too much make up in Ramadan and choose to go all natural during the holy month. Suddenly, all the faces turn into a color palette which makes girls look uglier if you would ask me!

2. From Ramadan Nights to Sahel Nights

People’s outings take a paradigm shift; from Sohour and cosy nights around their families to glamorous Sahel nights and clubbing till dawn, which leaves you wondering if the holy month is becoming a trendy season on the calendar rather than a time to reflect and become more spiritual?

3. We Eat More Pizza and Shawerma

We try to refrain from consuming salty and high fat foods in Ramadan to avoid getting thirsty the next day. Fatta, however, would be strangely okay but pizza isn’t! On the first day of Eid el Fetr, you’ll find us in the nearest Pizza Hut!

4. Family Members Become Strangers

From family gatherings everyday and random family outings for Sohour, we become detached from our relatives once the month is over and wait for the next year to probably get along once again!

5. Language and Attitude

We literally go from being Malak el Ra7ma to Abdo Muta. We use allahom eni sayem around 100 times pre Iftar, then it seems like we have to swear 200 times and have a bad attitude after Iftar. As long as we’re not fasting, it’s completely fine!

6. Curfews

Sorry girls, but yes! Your Parents may have given you an hour or two longer to stay out with your friends and enjoy Sohour but once the holy month is over, you’ll be back to being in bed hugging your teddy bear by 11!

7. Caffeine and Nicotine

To all the addicts out there, we know how much of a zombie you’ve been these past few weeks. We also know that once Ramadan ends, you’ll probably overdose on your addiction!

8. Back to English Series

We all stick to our couches and watch Egyptian drama series during Ramadan. The thing is once Ramadan is over, we all turn against Egyptian TV and get back to following English series and their endless seasons!
It probably is a sad thing to have to witness such changes once the holy month is over, but it’s still a good reminder of the better versions of people that we can become. Who knows? Maybe one day you’ll find a way to make the Ramadan version of yourself permanent!