Breakups can go about a million different ways. It all depends on the maturity of the two parties involved. You can literally make it a nightmare or a walk in the park. And since this article is about what girls want to to tell their ex boyfriends, I think it is OK to be a little biased to us girls! Here’s the list of things we want our Egyptian ex-boyfriends to know:


Life goes on with or without you

I don’t spend my days dwelling on what we had! Sure it was great, and I genuinely liked you, but I don’t think about you that often anymore. In fact, you don’t even cross my mind. I’m over it, so whatever memes you got going on about how I’m staying at home and stuffing my face with ice cream, this is a reality check!


Treating me or making your guy friends treat me like sh*t won’t make me come running back to you

The “Ekref el bent t7ebak, 7eb el bent tekrefak” notion has truly become outdated. If you think that giving me the cold shoulder is going to make me think about you or love you more, then you’ve never been more wrong in your life.


Just because I still reach out, doesn’t mean that I’m trying to salvage things between us

I’m reaching out because I still consider you a friend. I’m not trying to get back with you or anything of that sort. We had good conversations, and I enjoy talking to you in a friendly manner. Don’t think too much of it.


We will never be talk-about-the-girl-you-like kind of chill

Yes we’re friends and we’re casual, and I genuinely lost all feelings towards you. But still I’m not the person you should talk to about the girl, you just met through a friend, that you like. It’s not that I still love you as much as it is an awkward topic for me. Some things are just better left unsaid.


I’m going to miss your friends

It sucked that when I broke up with you, I had to break up with your friends too. I genuinely loved these people and it sucks that you refuse to be an adult about it and let them talk to me! We developed strong bonds and here you’re taking that away from me too.


I’m not going to delete our pictures together like you did

You were a part of my life and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Removing any sign of your existence from my life is not the answer. I know that, and you should too. We had a thing and it didn’t work out, no reason to act as if it never existed.


Thanks for making me a fighter

In all honesty, you taught me a lot of things. You taught me that I can make it on my own, and that I deserve so many great things in this world. If you were good to me, then you taught me that I shouldn’t settle for less. And if you were the typical narcissistic boyfriend kind, you taught me to stand up for myself, to love myself enough not to fall for another you!

So thank you, I’ll never forget a single moment I spent with you and I genuinely wish you the best in life.







  • nermin elsayed

    Hey Nour, I was surfing the net and saw your article by coincidence. The title provoked me a little bit so I read the article and I love it so much!!. It couldn’t be more accuarte and specific. It made me so happy that actually someone wrote everything every girl feel after a break up. This is the best article I have read in the past 5 months.I also decided that sharing the article isn’t enough and I should send you this comment. I hope this message makes you happy.Thank you so much, best of luck;)