Less than 24 hours ago, France got herself a brand new president. Emmanuel Macron beat Marine Le Pen with more than 60% of the votes in the French presidential elections. The young president comes from a very interesting background and despite his young age, he has very wide and big aspirations for France. It’s also worth mentioning that Macron wasn’t always a politically active figure nor did he come from a politically active family. To start off, here are 8 things you probably didn’t know about the new president:

1- He is the youngest president in the history of France

Since Napoleon, France never had such a young president until Macron came along. He’s 39 years old, turning 40 next December.

2- He worked for the government just for a short time

He started working in the French Ministry of Economics straight off college. However, he paid off his contract with the government in 2008.

3- Macron worked as an investor for a bank

He did quit that too to start his presidential campaign, which he eventually and successfully won.

4- He’s married to his former teacher

Macron’s love life is very interesting as well. He’s married to Brigitte Macron who was his school teacher. His parents tried sending off him to Paris in an attempt to separate the couple as they found their relationship extremely inappropriate, but this didn’t stop them. She was divorced from her husband in 2006 and later married Macron in 2007.

5- His wife is 25 years 

Yup, you read that right. She was born in 1953 and Macron is born in 1977, and if this is too much math for you, then let’s just say that Macron is 39 years old and Brigitte is 64 years old.

6- He has 3 step children

One of them is actually the same age as Macron; the other two are born in 1975 and 1984.

7- He has the best best friend ever

His best man at his wedding was Henry Hermand, a French businessman who loaned him €550,000 for his first apartment.

8- Macron already chose his vice president

We still don’t have any details to date, but Macron plans to announce his name once he is officially the president on May 14th.

The French people are expressing their happiness with their new president elect all over social media. Macron was congratulated by several country leaders, and we too would like to congratulate him and wish him luck.