Riding microbuses in Egypt is the hardest part of many commuters’ day. It’s a daily reminder that hell can and does exist on earth. Don’t believe us? Check out these 6 things that happen to Egyptians when they ride in a microbus!

1. Betethan

Honestly, El-ehana is just another word in the microbuses dictionary. Whether you’re looked down upon or angry talked to for no apparent reason at all. After a while, El-Ehana becomes a part of your DNA and you start not to notice it anymore.

2. You find yourself either squeezed in the middle or literally being sat on

Ok, at this point there is no need to pretend that you are invincible. We all know that there were times when a man found it totally ok to partially sit on you just so his friend or homie would be able to sit beside you guys too. But don’t you worry, at least now you know how to share, even if it’s non-consensual. Sharing seats is key to life in a microbus!

3. You are smothered by “Sha3by” music at anytime during the day, and good luck if the microbus driver is “magroo7”

It doesn’t matter if it’s 7:00 am and you barely made it out of bed to go to work, your microbus driver will make it a point to play sha3by music, and don’t even get me started at the choice of sha3by music that drivers are willing to play. The scale goes from “Mafeesh sa7eb yetsa7eb to Ketab 7ayaty ya 3en”! But well, at least you could relate! I bet you have a few friends you don’t like, or a girlfriend who is just too much!

4. You turn into a komsary

Just when you thought you are finally going to sit and relax before you reach your destination, karma hits you and you realize that you were assigned with the heroic job a komsary. So gather up “el ogra” from every passenger there is, because you are in for a ride you will never forget!

 5.  They take everything. JK they only steal your “ogra”

Remember when you trusted the person who played the komsary role on that microbus ride? Poor you, you should have known that they were going to steal your money! Wash it off though, and pay one more time! It’s totally fine!

6. You get harassed if you are a girl.. and sometimes if you are a guy too!

Ok this one isn’t funny. In fact it’s far from it, but getting harassed by men who poke you and feel you up is an ugly part of every microbus ride, and we just couldn’t discard it!

So what do you think? Did we get it right? Tell us about the things that happen to you in a microbus in the comments below!