Too often in life, we find ourselves restricting our time and effort to certain things. Things we don’t necessarily like, but have grown accustomed to during the span of time. There is peace in all that is ordinary. There is comfort in knowing that there won’t be any surprises let alone hardships in the decisions we make. We keep making the same decisions over and over again, enough to have an intricate map of all the outcomes that these decisions might lead to. This article however dares you to go against the endless chain of ‘No’ you keep getting yourself into. You no longer have to be ordinary; don’t say ‘No’. Instead, say ‘Yes’ to these 7 things. Say ‘Yes’ because you can, and because it’s new!

1. When a gorgeous guy comes up and asks to offer you a drink in a club 

Our culture puts a lot of barriers on talking to strangers, but come on, does he really have to be a friend of your friend’s friend? Do you really need some sort of a weak connection to talk to someone you like? Strangers do become partners sometimes. So say ‘Yes’. Have a meaningful conversation, and if you like him go out for coffee. Who knows, he might be your Prince Charming. Fairy tales do exist!

2. When your mom asks you to hang out with her

We all have a busy life, but so did our mom when she chose to give birth to us and raise us, so when she asks you to go out with her, do it! She might give you the advice of a lifetime.

3. When someone asks you to do something that you have never done before

There is no such thing as an impossible task. If your boss asks you to perform a task that you have never tried doing before, don’t say ‘No’. Say ‘Yes’ and give it a try. Maybe you will learn something new, or discover a hidden talent.

4. The famous “Is there something wrong?” question

No one ever got through life happily by bottling things up. So next time someone asks you if there is something bothering you, don’t say ‘No’. Say ‘Yes’. Speak up. You owe it to yourself!

5. Trying new weird foods

When you travel to Cape Town for instance, don’t chicken out from trying their crocodile dish! Say ‘Yes’ to new foods. Who knows maybe crocodile dishes are tastier than chicken anyway!

6. Trying new places that can and maybe a 2 hour drive away from your home

Traffic is a pain in the butt, but sometimes a new place could be worth the hassle. So take that long drive. Say ‘Yes’ to trying this new place. Maybe you’ll meet the love of your life there, or even better, maybe you’ll discover something about your country that you didn’t know existed.

7. When someone tells you that you say ‘No’ to everything, don’t say ‘No’

How about you give it a fair amount of thought instead? Why do you keep saying ‘No’? Is it because you’re afraid? Can you do something about it?

Say YES, take the leap of faith!