In the past few years, we noticed the spike in horoscope posts on social media. That got most of us who absolutely don’t believe in horoscopes a little bit frustrated, so we decided to make you a list of things we want you to know:

1. You are not hard to handle because you’re a Gemini, you’re just purely and genuinely a little b*tch

Seriously, stop blaming horoscopes for your horrible personality. Your mood swings and bad temper are on you. Sucking a whole other number of innocent people whose only fault is that they share the same horoscope with you is just ridiculous.

2. News flash: your relationship is not magically going to work out just because your zodiac signs match

There is nothing more ridiculous than a person believing that his or her relationship are definitely going to work or not work out just because their horoscope says that their zodiac signs match or don’t. And if you really believe that, then for the love of God just don’t share your uncalled for assumptions with us.

3. You realize that the post you swore describes your horoscope perfectly works for me too and I’m an Aries, right?

I bet you anything that it happened to all of us at some point. Your friend shared a Facebook post they swore described their horoscope vigorously; how they’re like and how much he or she related to it, and then you read it and even though he’s a Virgo and you’re an Aries, somehow the post worked for you too. O.U.C.H

4. Believing that your future lies in a piece of paper written by a hairy guy who’s sitting in his office is just absolutely absurd

This one is for our friends who make it a point to read what their zodiac signs have planned for them during the day or week. Let me just tell you how stupid it is to set your expectations on a tiny little piece of paper that someone wrote while utterly and insanely being bored at their office.

5. For the love of God, astrology is NOT a science

Most people who read their horoscopes tend to believe that astrology is a science, when in fact scientific studies have never found evidence for the claims that astrologers make. What makes people believe that it’s a type of science is just beyond me.

6. Just because you believe in horoscopes doesn’t mean we have to

Nothing drives us crazier than people who are so obsessed with horoscopes. They decide it’s not only enough that they talk about them all the time, but that it’s OK to bug us with reasons we should start reading about horoscopes ourselves. Just drop it, We won’t!

We still love you though, even if you choose to bug us with endless talks about what your horoscope will unfold for you this year!



  • Khaled Ahmed Younes

    Point #1 and #^ are my favorite 😀