Being put down by our loved ones can be one of the hardest things we have to deal with in life. Mainly because we don’t believe in ourselves enough, so we want others to do the believing for us. However, more often than not, that doesn’t happen. And as much as we would like to claim that it doesn’t affect us, it does. So, to the friend who constantly put me down, here are a few things I need you to know:

1. There were days when I really thought I couldn’t make it because of your words

When you told me that I couldn’t make it or that I was doing it wrong, I honestly believed you. I thought you knew better. I thought I didn’t have it in me to do whatever it is I always sought  out to do.

2. You broke my heart in many more ways than you would think

I fell into this viscous cycle of self doubt and self loath. I couldn’t stand up on my feet, and I sure couldn’t believe in myself knowing that the person I held dearest to my heart doesn’t believe in me. You made me feel unworthy, and I couldn’t live in a world where the people I deemed really important doubted my every move.

3. One of the reasons I strive to succeed is to prove that you were wrong

Doubting me and putting me down has in some way made me come out stronger. I hated that you thought I couldn’t make it, and I wanted to prove you wrong more than anything in the world. So I went out and did it. Turns out that the thought of proving you wrong was all the encouragement I needed.

4. It was because of you that I learned to love myself

Your constant reminders of how I need to change or do things better made me notice how much I am content with myself and the person I have become. I might have not lived up to your expectations, but coming to think about it now, I realized that I was living up to mine, and that made all the difference in the world. I finally learned to love myself.

5. Just because I don’t live up to your expectations, doesn’t mean I am doing something wrong

I realize now that you were only putting me down because I didn’t live up to your expectations. But I just want you to know that it’s not anyone’s fault. People are different. We have different interests, and everyone goes about their way to achieve what they deem important to them. I’m sorry I don’t want the same things in life as you, but that doesn’t make me any less worthy.

put us down

6. I forgive you

Yes, you’ve hurt me and you did get a little to me, but I know it’s only because no one has taught you better. You’ve probably been put down before too, and it probably broke you into a million little pieces just like it did to me. It’s not your fault, and it’s not mine either. It’s just society doing its job eating us alive; let’s not allow it anymore though!

Let’s not fall victims to society.