When it comes to breakfast places in cairo, there are a few things we have to take into consideration: the quality of food and the overall environment.

These 7 places offer what we call the perfect start to your day. Buckle your seat belts, and prepare yourself to be amazed by Cairo’s favorite morning spots.

1. Lucille’s

Maadi’s Lucille’s has been popular for years now, dubbed as one of the best breakfast places Egypt has ever known. Lucille’s offers a variety of breakfast options, ranging from vegetable scrambled eggs to pancakes and French toast.

Tip: it has the best pancakes in town.


2. Ovio

My personal favorite is the Egg Florentine; a mixture of salmon egg benedict on crunchy toast topped with Hollandaise sauce. And of course, there’s space for desserts. You should definitely try the caramelized banana pancakes with maple syrup. Their European cuisine does not disappoint; eat like a foreigner, that’s their motto.


3. Qahwa

Qahwa in Arkan or Waterway surely offers one of the best Friday brunches; from gourmet cheese platters to the smell of freshly baked bread and omelettes cooked to perfection. Your eggs could be cooked in various ways with a wide selection of sides, like minced beef, potato cubes, mushrooms and wedges.


4. Casper & Gambini’s

This all-day restaurant café has several international breakfast options on the menu. From granola & yoghurt, avocado on pumpernickel, traditional Labnah to omelettes folded around fillings of your choice; it is the best place to pamper yourself.


5. Left Bank

Brunch with a Nile view! Other than the lovely atmosphere, the food there is a definite plus. Known for their classic pairings, their breakfast menu has a selection of cheese platters, pastries and sweets and even a traditional oriental meal.

Tip: it’s the perfect place to conduct your early business meetings.


6. Paul

Paul’s menu covers what we call a true hearty breakfast. Their deliciously fresh pastries and their mouthwatering classic sandwiches are ideal morning starters. Don’t enjoy the French cuisine alone, and turn it into a family tradition go-to place.


7. Blackstone Bistro

Just like a typical bistro, Blackstone’s simplistic yet savory breakfast perfectly caters to everyone’s taste. Do yourself a favor and choose their signature Blackstone Breakfast, which offers a legit A to Z meal; with two types of eggs of your choice, beef bacon, toast, freshly squeezed orange juice and complete your appetite with a flavored coffee. If you’re into spicy food, you can opt for the Spice Breakfast Burrito; which is an epic combination of Mexican omelette mixed with tomatoes, red beans and chili pepper all wrapped in a tortilla.


Change your typical routine and enjoy pampering yourself at these hidden gems. Remember, the sky is the limit!