Picture by Natalia Rodriguez
By: Rana Assem

Who doesn’t like travelling, honestly? Don’t we all just want to pack our bags and get on the road, or even better get on a plane? Starting from the road trip adventure to the fun relaxed days, the travelling experience has changed quite a lot.

Here are some of the things that have changed from travelling earlier to travelling today.

1. Solo travelling

Coming from an Arab origin, we all remember how our trips always included many of our relatives. It’s like the family has accepted the challenge of how many family members you can fit in one trip. Luckily enough, solo travelling has become more popular today. It has become a lot easier to convince your family that it is okay to travel alone every once in a while without your seven aunts, uncles and their children. Solo travelling might not be very familiar, but it’s definitely becoming more popular these days.

2. Inspiration from bloggers

How many of us have seen astonishing photos of beaches and islands from all over the world on famous Instagram accounts and felt like they would do anything to go there? Bloggers around the world are rising in numbers inspiring us to travel more than ever before. Back in the days before the rise of social media, tourism was mainly advertised through TV or brochures, but it was not enough for people to travel like nowadays.

3. Travelling has become so much easier

If you would think about the travelling experience before the internet became accessible to almost every person around the globe, the first question that crosses your mind would have to be how did people book their hotels back then? Or how did they find out about interesting places in their desired destinations? During those days, people booked their hotels either through visiting travel agents or independently through researching a guidebook and making an expensive international call. In places where technology was more advanced, people sent fax messages. Can you imagine how much of a hassle it was for someone to plan a trip? Today, it’s totally different and a lot easier. Numerous travel apps were created to help travelers book their flight, train ticket or hotel room.

4. Finding luxury is not the traveler’s main concern anymore

Most travelers nowadays are more concerned with exploring and visiting new places rather than looking for 5 star accommodations. The fun and trendy thing to do these days is to backpack and camp on the road. Even though camps in Sinai, specifically in Dahab, have existed for years, they are now becoming increasingly popular. As for people who enjoy travelling abroad, it is now  common to visit more than one country on a single trip.

5. Are you really away from home when you travel?

Goodbyes at the airport were more real before. People did not know when or how they would stay in contact with the traveler but today the second you arrive at your destination airport, free Wi-Fi instantly connects you to your loved ones back home. Today, you virtually have your family and friends with you on your trip. Through Instagram, Snapchat or Skype, you let them vividly share your experience.


What was different back then was people’s desire to travel and explore new places. Apparently, it is now a trend to be a traveler and influence others to do the same under the motto of YOLO, You Only Live Once.

7. Getting lost is not an issue anymore

Thanks to Google maps and other transportation apps, you can now easily get information about your whereabouts and the type of public transportation that would be more convenient for you. It can also inform you about the schedule of the public bus or subway and at which station to get off.

The travelling experience was not only different back in the day, but it was a lot more complicated to plan an adventurous trip. So the next time you don’t have a clue about what do on your vacation or free time, just book that plane ticket and get it going.