Have you ever felt that you are not living your life to your fullest potential; have you ever felt empty and incomplete?! The following are 12 different tips to help you live your life to the fullest:

1. Pursue a hobby that you love in your free time; writing, knitting, painting, singing; it could be anything.

2. Be your own inspiration; challenge yourself to be the best version of you. It is easy; improve what you need to improve and embrace what you feel happy about. Always remember to challenge yourself and to step out of your comfort zone to keep the inspiration.

3. Learn something new everyday; it could be as simple as some tricky dance moves, a word in a new language, repairing your broken car, knitting a scarf, baking a cake, or any other simple thing.

4. Start finding happiness in the smallest things around you; enjoy the sun, your pet, sitting by the sea shore, or even walking.

5. Always smile; even faking it does the trick and helps your mind to feel happiness in the darkest moments.

6. Write a gratitude list and always be thankful for the simplest things in your life.

7. Take care of yourself always and forever. Look after your nails and hair,  put on some makeup, wear nice clothes, and remember that the simplest steps make a huge difference.

8. Always be positive; write a list of all the things you like about yourself.

9. Organize your life and follow a plan to reach your goals.

10. Be social;  always take advantage of the opportunities that come your way, and never feel intimidated to introduce yourself to others.

11. Before going to sleep; think deeply about everything that happened during the day and what you can accomplish tomorrow.

12. Help others in need; this is the bottom line for living both a happy and a ‘full’ life. Giving to others all you can give; helps you feel fuller and more valuable.

Last but not least, you have to realize your own worth and to appreciate yourself and your potentials to be able to live a ‘full’ life; that is full of good deeds for you and the world around you.