Last Friday, 14th of July, two tourists were killed while four others got injured in a knife attack in Hurghada. Initially, it was said that the victims were from Ukraine, but those claims were later denied by the Ukrainian embassy. It was finally revealed that the victims were German.

The knife wielding man stabbed four women at the Zahabia Beach Resort and victims were rushed to a nearby hospital. He also attacked two more women in a neighboring hotel. No other information about the victims has been disclosed at this time.

The reason for the attack is still unclear; it was initially reported as what could have been a terrorist attack. Witnesses said the attacker kept repeating he doesn’t want to hurt any Egyptians. This attack took place only a few hours after several police officers were shot dead near Cairo.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, and until now it’s still unclear if it was indeed a terrorist attack. Other sources claim the attacker knew his victims, but the motivation behind their murder remains unknown.

The man tried to escape by attempting to swim away, but was caught and is now in police custody.

Sources: Al Ahram, CNN