New Year’s Eve in Egypt is like no other place. There are no parades or Time Squares. Well, there’s Tahrir square, but let’s just admit that they are not the same. Egyptians are what make New Year’s Eve in Egypt special though, since they truly know how to spread joy and love around! Here are all the different kinds of Egyptians you find on New Year’s Eve!

1. El-Ba7r Partiers

Those are the ones who go on a really expensive trip to Gouna, Dahab or Sahel and attend what they like to call the party of the year. They’re the party animals and they worship the night life.

2. The “I will celebrate with my family” Type

They’re the ones who visit their families on New Year’s Eve and enjoy food, drinks and heart to heart conversations. They put their family before anything and truly believe that spending the day with them is the best way to end and start the year.

3. The Cynics 

They don’t believe that the start of the new year is an occasion that requires celebration. You’d find them saying their famous statements “Da Yom Zai Ay Yom”; they regard the character from the movie ‘Ga2ana El-Bayan El-Taly’ as their idol. Stay as far away from these people as you possibly can; their “7asbya Allah Wane3ma El Wakeel” vibe is going to kill you

4. El-Mowafreen

Since nothing is more pricey than attending New Year’s parties in Egypt, some Egyptians choose to stay at home, throw their own parties and invite their friends. It still turns out rather expensive though! Poor Mowafreen, always in for a surprise!

5. Cairo Night Owls

These are the party animals who couldn’t get away from work, school or university long enough to travel somewhere. They make it up by going to the most posh parties in Cairo, drinking the night away and dancing like they never did before.

6. The “stay at home and watch a movie kind of chill” Type

You might mistake them for the cynics, but they’re not the same. These people acknowledge the occasion and celebrate it. It’s just that they are perfectly content with gathering their friends or family members, ordering take out and watching a movie. They regard it as one of the best ways to celebrate the new year!

Finally, we hope you’ve enjoyed this article and had a wonderful year. Don’t forget to tell us below what kind of New Year’s Eve celebrator are you 😉