As we venture into adulthood, we find ourselves unable to escape the inevitability of losing friends. It doesn’t have to be a sad thing, because not all the friends we’ve made are friends to keep for life. Some people’s purpose in our life is to open us up to new and better things then leave us acutely more aware of who we are as a person. We must have had many types of friends, but we don’t actually need many different types of friends. We just need one of each of the right types. 

1- The Type Who Will Tell You When You’re Wrong 

A brutally honest friend keeps us in check. People mess up a lot, and having a friend who always tell it like it is will help us control the damage that was done from our f*ck-ups. We all need at least one friend who will make us face the truth, whether we want to hear it or not. The fact that they are the reality check we try so hard to run from makes us know that they respect us enough to expect more from us and remind us to do better and think better. They are not judgemental; they simply act as our external voice of reason when we put our internal one on mute.

2- The Type Who Will Be Understanding But Honest 

Sometimes though, we just need someone to lay it all on. When we turn our lives upside down and it feels like we have nowhere to go, a friend who is understanding above all is the only thing we need. There is no greater feeling in the world than feeling understood and accepted as who you are, warts and all. And aside from the bad times, it’s important to have someone in this big universe who gets you on a deeper level that nobody could ever reach. These type of friends are understanding and honest and will urge you to express your needs and wants without being fake or double-faced.

3- The Type Who Will Force You To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone 

The friends who demand we get out of our own head and live a little, a lot. They are adventurers who want to imprint their fearlessness on you. They push you out of your cocoon so you wouldn’t choose your bed over a night of venturing out. These type of friends have a knack for showing you what you’re missing and that you need to be more confident, step out more and be comfortable with yourself.

4- The Type Who Has Different Worldviews 

These type of friends help you reject the human pack mentality and stops you from attacking people who are different from you. Our detachment from the outer world is only severed by the existence of friends who don’t affirm our convictions and help us accept people with different beliefs and ethics. They introduce us to new ideas and broaden our perspectives on life. The best part about having friends like these are the spirited and deep conversations you have with them due to your clashing but equally respectable views.

5- The Type Who Has Humour 

The best friendships are birthed from laughter, because at the end of the day, it really is the cure to most of life’s ails. Surround yourself with humorously like-minded people whom you can sit with for hours and never get bored. And even when it gets boring, you still feel comfortable and alive because you two can’t stop laughing. These type of friends will bring you joy and break you out of melancholic nights.

These are the kind of friendships everyone should pursue! Chandler had joey, Winnie the Pooh had Piglet, Meredith had Cristina, Rory had Lorelai, Sherlock had Watson; Who’s yours? Go hug them!