Nothing in this world feels better than knowing that you could settle with someone for the rest of your life. Knowing that you no longer have to withstand the burdens of life alone. That you can finally confide in someone else. Someone other than yourself. It’s the greatest feeling in the world, but it’s a step that you should only take if you have confidence in the person you will be settling with. Here are 10 types of guys you need to stay clear of if you plan on settling down anytime soon:

1. The One Who is Always Between Jobs/Places

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with refusing to settle and exploring a little bit as long as you have a plan or something that you want to do with your life later on. But if your guy is the kind of person who studied medicine, is now teaching English and is soon planning on going into marketing, there is definitely something wrong! You need someone who is goal oriented, and it doesn’t matter if it takes him 10 years or 20 years to get there as long as he has a goal to walk towards.

2. The Controller

We’ve all met one of those before. They think that just because they are dating us, they actually have a say in our lives, so they try to control us! You’d find them barging in on the little time we have with our friends. They try to control what we wear, and in some extreme cases, the time we spend with our family and friends!

3. The Rich Mama Boy

You don’t need a guy who has never faced any hardships in his life before. You need someone who understands real life, who didn’t have everything delivered to him on a silver spoon, but who knows how to handle things and support you when things get rough.

4. The Fu*ck Boy

Movies have fooled us time and time again into thinking that it’s actually possible for a guy to change for you, and while that might happen, even though it’s a 1% chance, do you really need that kind of baggage in your life? You need someone who respects women, so that he would be able to respect you, not learn to respect women because he met you.

5. The Incognito Lover 

There is this guy whom you’ve been dating for a while, but you’ve never actually hung out together with your friends or his friends. In all honesty, you’re not really sure if his friends even know you? Well, that guy is a big no-no. You need someone who would show you off, not hide you from everything that the sun touches.

6. The Humorless Dude

Well, do you honestly need that kind of negativity in your life? Imagine a lifetime of one sided jokes and awkward smiles? I wouldn’t wish that for anyone!

7. The Non-Communicator 

Spending eternity trying to connect the different pieces of the puzzle and making sense of what’s bothering him hardly seems like a good idea. Get out while you can.

8. The Broken

We’ve all been in relationships before. We’ve all been hurt, but we know that eventually our wounds get healed and we move on with our days. If you are dating a guy who is still dealing with the tragic memories of his past relationships, maybe it isn’t time to settle with him yet.

9. The Depth-less

There is a thin line between genuinely being a fun person and lacking character. Know your guy, who is he after the party is over? What does he like or hate? Who does he look up to and what inspires him? If you can’t find an answer to most of these questions, think again. Is this really the kind of guy you wish to end up with?

10. The Manipulator/Narcissist

You’ve got to understand that beneath all that charm and charisma, there is an insecure child who never learned to think about anyone but himself. Good lucking settling with that!

Ok girls you know what to do… Stay clear!