Good news alert! Soon enough you will no longer need to worry about which restaurant delivers and which doesn’t. Uber is taking the first steps to launch UberEATS, its food delivery platform, in Egypt. UberEATS is an app just like regular Uber, but this time it brings you the food you ordered from the restaurant through their app.

Login and Orders

Users will be able to login using their regular uber account, and will be able to track the entire process since they place the order, and until they get their food. As soon as the driver receives the order from the restaurant, we will be able to track our food on the map by real time.

How will you pay?

Of course some restaurants wouldn’t give you the option to pay online; however, this can be resolved. The fees differ from one place to the other. In some countries, UberEATS places a flat rate of delivery, and in others the fees differ from one restaurant to another.


It’s expected that UberEATS will face a lot of challenges as it’s coming to a market with huge competitive food delivery platforms such as Otlob. So, what other competitive advantage will UberEATS have to compete? We’ll have to wait and see.

UberEATS first started in 2014 and is now spread over 120 cities. It is now preparing to launch in Egypt towards the second quarter of 2018.