Falling in love is said to be a magical thing, but when is too many times a little too many? While it’s next to impossible for you to fall so hard in love more than once or twice in your life, you surely will feel like you are in love many, many times. There is an untold side of falling in love too many times, and it ain’t pretty nor full of butterflies, magic or rainbows. 

1- The more you fall in love, the harder you’ll find it to be absolutely content in a relationship 

Tom Odell Another Love

The more you give of yourself, the less you’ll have to give in the future. Tom Odell’s song “Another Love” perfectly describes how that feels like. Your love will be all used up and you will be less eager to fight for the person you’re with, more pessimistic and generally tired and beat up.

2- You have said ‘I love you’ when it didn’t translate to ‘I’m in love with you’, but intended it to 


If you get into too many relationships, you are bound to tell one of your partners you love them at some point when you don’t fully mean the words. You’ve probably uttered them before, because you thought it has become a requirement to have fallen in love given that the you’ve been together for a good while now. You lie and convince yourself that you mean it and end up realising that your gut feeling was right.

3- You won’t stop comparing every new relationship to all the ones before it 

Taylor Swift

When you have a long history of relationship experiences, it’s doubtful that your brain won’t automatically compare your current partner with your previous ones. Your new bf/gf might be sweet, but they’re not as smart as the one before the last. The last one might have been honest, but they never gave you enough space as your last ex.

4- You will always be in search for the closest thing to your first real love


The first love is always the most intense, because you literally love like you’ve never been hurt before. You’re not scared to dive in or be vulnerable as you’re lost in the intoxicating rush that comes hand in hand with your first love. When it doesn’t work out, you find yourself looking for the same burning passion in every relationship that comes after even though you never want to love someone that way again. You wish that the next one has the same zest for intensity, but minus the crazy fighting and the roller coaster ride of emotions.

5- You start to wonder if you have a type because when you compare all of your exes, you find that you’ve fallen for all types of people


When you take a stroll down memory lane, you might find that none of the people you’ve dated had things in common. Yeah maybe a trait or two but overall, they’re pretty different from each other. So you might find yourself wondering if you have a type or not and if not, then what does this mean? And if you do in fact have a type, then why are you not sticking to it?

With all of that being said, as much as you’ll feel like you’re loving less as you go, you will also realise that everything that happened to you made you more prepared for your next relationship.