Proving its leadership and keenness on using technology for creating a sustainable solution and making its products and services inclusive for all customers, Vodafone Egypt has launched “E3rafli” Mobile Application for the blind and visually impaired.

The Application comes as part of Vodafone’s belief in the people with disabilities’ rights to enjoy all the privileges and services the company provides. Vodafone Egypt has launched the mobile phone application to troubleshoot their daily pressing challenges.

The digital solution, “E3rafli” (an Arabic word for “Know for me”), aims to help the visually-impaired and blind identify basic objects using their mobile phones. From recognizing colors, to reading taxi meters and supermarket registers, charging prepaid scratch cards and identifying currency bills and count it on the go by directing the mobile camera towards the selected item, technology can make a substantial difference even to the most basic of livelihood functions.

“E3rafli” Application was first launched by Vodafone at the Cairo ICT conference. Thanks to the App, Vodafone Egypt has proved firsthand how technology can make up for what many of us take for granted in our daily lives. Giving power to the blind and visually impaired, Vodafone is leading the market for being the most socially conscious telecom company; working to make the utmost of technology and use it for inclusion and we believe that this is just the beginning.

Download the Application link through the below link: