Sometimes a first date can take a really bad turn. You might show up bargaining on meeting Prince Charming, but end up being met by the Frog Prince! Life doesn’t usually have fairytale endings. So, for moments like these, you have to make a hasty exit. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with all these clever little things you can say to get out of a bad first date.

1- Cough profusely

A few coughs here and there will let him know that you are not physically capable of continuing the date. When he realizes that you made a point to show up in spite of your illness, your date will definitely allow you to excuse yourself. Just make sure you don’t appear too overdramatic.

2- Pretend any call is an emergency

Have a friend call you and pretend as though you have an emergency or something urgent you have to attend to. Figure out what that emergency is though before you blurt out something that doesn’t make any sense. If you’re really short on time, just pretend any phone call you get is an emergency call and make your abrupt exit.

3- Talk about your ex!

There is nothing your date will hate more than your nostalgia about your ex. Make sure to mention all the juicy details and even when your date tries to change the subject, make a point to relate everything back to your ex again even if there’s no connection. Perhaps they laugh the same way your ex did, or blink their eyes in the same way. Even if there is no connection, find it and point it out. It’ll drive them nuts.

4- Spend a while in W.C. and excuse yourself

Find some excuse to go to the bathroom and spend a considerable amount of time there. Once you go back to your date, tell them you’re not feeling well. They’ll assume you had an upset stomach and will let you off the hook, no questions asked.

5- Check the time and freak out about how late you are

“Oh no! I’m late! I’m late, for a very important date!” Tell them that you lost track of time and that you have to do something of vital importance. They can’t keep you; it’s not a hostage situation. And if all else fails, pretend you have a doctor’s appointment you forgot about. It might just work.

6- Disagree with all his opinions! ALL OF THEM!

If he has a certain opinion about something, just play devil’s advocate. Get into arguments with him and make sure you make it absolutely unbearable for him to tolerate you as his date. Eventually, he will leave.

7- Pretend you have no table manners

If your evening out happens to be in a restaurant, then you can show them how much of a slob you are with sloppy table manners. Usually on first dates people try to portray their best selves. But if you’re not in any way going to see this person ever again, then you don’t need show the best side of you.

Try them out and let us know how it goes!