Break ups are just one of those issues that have been addressed a gazillion times. In movies, they manifest it in girls stuffing their faces with chocolates and ice cream, while guys hit it off at a club. The truth is, however, there is no telling how break ups could go. Break ups are different to everyone. They could leave you miserable or happy; there are no guidelines to how a break up should go like. But, just in case, we thought of presenting you the different ways you could survive them with minimal trauma, so stick around!

1. Set New Goals

When a relationship ends, we tend to think that it’s the end of the world. That life as we know it is over and that it will never be the same again. While that might be partially true, it shouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing. Which is why once your relationship ends, you should start setting new goals. Maybe take the solo trip you have been saying you would for the past two years, or finally register for that cooking class. Let the end of your relationship be the beginning of a new journey that you catch yourself excited enough to see how it will unfold.

2. Realize that Your Relationship is in the Past

What did Lion King teach us? The past is in the past, right? That’s what you should accept too. Stop stalking your ex or dwelling on every picture or post they share. In fact, unfollow them on their social media accounts if you can. You will never be able to get over your break up or your ex if you constantly feel the need to check up on them or compare your life to theirs. It’s over between you two, and that is how you should act like it. He or she shouldn’t be a part of your present.

3. Surround Yourself with Good Company 

Believe it or not, your friends are one of the most important key factors by which you could move on from a break up. Being surrounded by people you love will make you feel appreciated and loved. It will help you get over the feeling of self pity that might linger after you’ve broken up with the person you believed was your soul mate. Pick up your phone and call up those friends of yours, and feel the love.

4. Get Rid of Every Reminder You Have of Him/Her

Having your pictures together or the songs you used to listen to around is not going to help anyone. Get rid of them. You don’t have to throw them or destroy them, but the least you can do is pack them up in a box until you are completely over your lover.

5. Stay Away from the Blame Game 

A lot of people tend to do this. They blame their exes after their break up and stay hung up on how it wasn’t their own fault but their exes. While that might be fun at first or make you feel better about yourself for a while because you take comfort in knowing that it wasn’t your fault, it’s deadly. It makes you think about the break up instead of just choosing to get over it.

6. Channel Your Negative Energy in Your Work

When you’re stuck with tons of deadlines and submissions, it will be hard for you to think about what your ex and what you said or should’ve said to them. There’s also the added bonus of how you’ll probably be so wired from working all day that you’ll sleep like a baby and not cry your eyes to sleep every night.

7. Accept Whatever You Feel

Stop fighting your own demons and embrace them instead. It’s only when you’re fully aware of how you’re feeling that you can work on these feelings and turn them into positive ones. Accept where you are and how you feel. It’s the only way for you to truly start to move on.

And remember, it might be hard for you now but you’ve survived worse. You can do this!