Us girls, just love to dress up and Ramadan gives us a unique opportunity to experiment with fashion. Local designers come out with oriental designs for the occasion which we absolutely love! The question remains, how can we look fab without worrying if it’s inappropriate for Ramadan? We’re here to help! 

1. Kimonos

This is one fashion staple that every girl needs in her closet. It can make you look dressed up with minimum effort. You’ll find one for any occasion since they can be made with various fabrics, patterns and lengths. It’s also a life savior if you feel like your top is too revealing; it can provide good coverage.

2. Kaftans

We love kaftans! There are so many versions; African, Moroccan and Egyptian, and they’re all beautifully unique! Girls love these particularly in Ramadan because they’re chic and modest! 2 in 1! Not to mention that they come in lots of styles, and you can find them in dress form or kimono form.

3. Pleated skirts

Pleated skirts were huge back in the day and they recently made one hell of a comeback! You can now literally find them anywhere. They’re available in different styles so you can wear them down or all dressed up for a special occasion.


4. Tunics

Nothing says Ramadan like an embroidered tunic! Girls will also find that they come in a lot of different styles, and you’re bound to already own one. Depending on how you wear them or their style, they too can be dressed for any occasion. So dress up!

5. Overalls

Not very Ramadan-ish but the truth is, that even though a lot of us love dressing up sometimes we get a bit lazy, especially when fasting, and just want something super easy to put on while still looking good. This is where overalls step in! All you need is a top underneath and you’re ready to head out! Pair them with the right shoes and accessories; you’ll look amazing when it only took you 5 minutes to get ready. If you want to make them more Ramadan friendly, you can wear an embroidered top. Buy embroidery and beads and customize your overalls.