It’s the weekend, and we all have a little more time on our hands! If you’re looking for a good show to binge watch, we strongly recommend The Newsroom. 

1- The Plot 
Will Mcavoy

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at CNN or any other news show? The Newsroom chronicles the behind-the-scenes events at the fictional Atlantis Cable News channel, so it gives you a complete real life outlook on how news shows work. All of the show’s humor is character based and is presented with excellent wit. The Newsroom does not only give us an outlook on how news businesses are run, it also tackles a lot of political and economical issues and pokes a lot of holes in them.

2- Educational Purposes 


The downside (which isn’t really a downside) of The Newsroom is that it needs intense concentration. If you stop paying attention even for a second, you’ll miss a lot of important details. The dialogue is smart and quick so you have to keep up. It’s a television show that will make you think and will instigate important conversations if you get a friend of yours to watch it with you. It teaches you a lot about actual news stories so by the end of the episode, you feel equally educated, as you are entertained.

3- A Legendary Cast 


The whole cast is dynamite; both the fresh faces as well as the true greats. There’s Jeff Daniels who was made to play the role of sarcastic but softie Will McAvoy, Dev Patel who plays tech whizz Neal Sampat and Emily Mortimer who plays the smart and sharp MacKenzie McHale. The cast delivers on all accounts with their biting bantering and easily likeable performances and personalities.

4- Olivia Munn


I’m very aware that I just stated the whole cast as a reason to convince you of the show’s worth and that Olivia Munn is a part of that cast. Nevertheless, I had to list the astounding Olivia Munn as a reason on her own. She plays the awkward economics expert Sloan Sabbith, who has two PhDs in economics and is ridiculously smart, hilarious and sensitive. She brings a lotta sass and a lotta snark to the show that leaves you wanting more.

5- The Relationships 


Aside from the political impact of the show, the Newsroom will capture your attention with its heart and wit. The drama embedded within the show and personal relationships of the characters are heartwarming and intriguing. There is love triangles, sexual tension, heartache and friendship.

Even if you aren’t interested in politics, The Newsroom is still deserving of your time and attention, so you better buckle up!


The Newsroom

  • Seasons: 3 Seasons (Season 1 is 10 Episodes, Season 2 is 9 Episodes and Season 3 is 6 Episodes)
  • The show ended (2012 – 2014)
  • Genre: Drama
  • Running Time: 55min