This weekend we’re finding that our hunger for Asian cuisine hasn’t been quelled from last week! And we’re ready to dive into another exploration of food from this awesome continent. Our weekend pick this time is none other than the Pan-asian restaurant Kamala located at the Conrad Cairo Hotel.

Kamala is known for its Thai cuisine, but has done away with any semblance of traditional decor. Instead, the restaurant has opted for a more modern look, with geometric brass accents and dark wood panelling. The interesting part of the interior was the use of the color purple in the leather seating and tableware, creating a stark contrast between the dark wood undertones. The reason behind this could probably be attributed to the name of the restaurant “Kamala” which is the name of pink lotus flower, a mystical symbol in Southeast Asia. This flower can actually be seen in the decorative pond that the restaurant houses, with floating lotus buds interspersed in the water.c9854edc3cd319d4160eb2b216e7cb0f

The menu at Kamala is dedicated to giving anyone who visits the restaurant the full Thai experience. We first began our exploratory cuisine journey with a plate of chicken wontons, where slices of well seasoned tangy chicken were encased in a breaded shell and served with delicious sweet chili sauce. We then followed this appetizer with Hainese chicken rice, Singapore’s national dish. The dish includes a boiled chicken breast, where the resulting broth from that boil is used to make rice and soup to accompany the dish. The chicken is coupled with flavorful dipping sauce and interestingly enough the broth is made from cucumbers, resulting in an intriguing flavor palette. Finally, we ended our meal with a dessert dish that is typical to Thai street vendors, Roti Kab Kluay, a fried banana roti topped with sweet condensed milk.unknown-3

Kamala was an interesting experience for us and we definitely plan on another visit soon!

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