Heliopolis residents have always considered themselves unfortunate to have been born on the side of town that DOESN’T have all the fancy restaurants and hip clubs. This year, however, is the year they shine! With the opening of the new cigar lounge and restaurant, Speakeasy, you no longer need to drive for hours to enjoy a good meal and dine like it was 1920. 

The elegant restaurant and bar which specializes in brilliant Mediterranean cuisine opened in January this year, on Friday the 13th. So, I think it’s time to the rest the case of whether that day brings bad luck or not. The phenomenon is officially a hoax.


Speakeasy redefines the dining scene in not only Korba, but throughout Cairo as a whole, with its impeccable 20s interior design and its cigar lounge that will immediately transfer you back to a time where people dressed up and discussed politics over cigars and Whiskey. To make sure the authentic ambience is delivered, a proper venue that transcends the right vibe is the most important piece of the puzzle! Luckily for us, the owners picked exactly the right place -a stunning historical villa nestled in Korba that was originally built in the 1920s.



Their menu is nothing short of original and eccentric, with unconventional dishes such as: Cognac seafood casserole and Salmon infused with Vodka. Speakeasy aims to raise the bar when it comes to dining in Egypt, which is why the restaurant’s magnificent chef makes sure that none of their dishes are boring or normal and promises to continually come up with more unorthodox dishes.

For appetizers, we selected their Crabcado, a plate that combines two of the world’s most heavenly and fancy foods, crabs and caviar. We immediately felt like we are in an episode of Hannibal (minus the cannibalism) due to the food’s preparation, presentation and of course taste.


We then moved on to the main dishes and went with the waiter’s picks, braised duck with a side of butter-baked rice and their sea risotto. Both plates surpassed our limited expectations but if we had to pick a favorite, we would have to announce the sea risotto as the winner. It was rich in flavor, big in portion and easy on the wallet.



The reservation line starts at 2 pm, now go! 

Contact Details:

Facebook: Speakeasy Egypt

Instagram: speakeasycairo

Tel: 01211 711 046