Writing this, I am sure A LOT of people know what I’m talking about! I’m sure we all share “el ro3b el raheeb” of standing on that scale and facing our biggest fear- gaining weight. Occasionally, we all have those ma7shi wara2 3enab cravings or wish for that chocolate heavenly fondue everyone is talking about. Gaining a little bit of weight is not the end of the world; people sometimes miss out on one of life’s simple pleasures-food- just to maintain that number on the scale. Gaining too much weight, however, can have serious health hazards, so take care and don’t overdo it 🙂

Here are 7 signs you couldn’t be bothered about your weight:

1.You have been on more than 100k useless diets

I hear people complaining about how much diets they have tried, that all end up with a chocolate cake, the ultimate conclusion to stop dieting, and how it all sucks! If you do that, you are probably trying to feel good about yourself by being on diet for a few days, so when the magic transformation button didn’t work, macarona bashamel it is!!!

 gain weight- no.1

2.You order that burger combo, and never forget that Diet coke.

Number two applies if you can’t decide which to give up, so you decide to keep both. Trust me, that diet coke won’t delete any calories from that delicious burger. I know!

3.You hate shops that have the size XS

Suddenly, you develop that hatred towards the size xsmall. To you, XS could never be a human being; more of a cute outfit for a baby’s teddybear!

gain weight-no.5

4.’All you can eat’ is your new favourite statement.

Your friends have recently been calling you the king or queen of offers, and  you can break records on that sushi/pizza and chicken all you can eat promotions. The place waiters probably know you by name and wait for you.

5.You order extra of everything

All the way from extra cheese and extra sauce to one extra pizza beside the one you’ll surely eat in a second.

gain weight-no.8

6.Comments like’ enta lesa wakel?’ or “baby gay fel taree2” don’t bother you.

We all know those people who are only there to give the worst comments. They will assume you are pregnant only if you gain two kilos. For those people,  you’d have to respond with haga zay ‘yes I’m pregnant and I am giving birth now. See ya’

7.You can’t remember where your running shoes are.

If akher mara you hit the track was summer 2012, then this is a sign you don’t give a damn. You need to get back on it and join any sports activity, ‘in shala twmshy eltrack’.

gain weight-no.10


Instead of getting on that scale and calculating how many calories are in a kitkat, make  sure you feel good about yourself! Eat healthy as much as you can, and don’t get bothered by people’s talk. Becoming a model and a fit athlete is not for everyone, because we do love koshary and macarona bashamel..don’t we?

N.B But don’t forget that light fresh feeling you get when you go healthy all the way! Don’t go on diets, just incorporate healthy food and exercise in your normal day routine, stop munching… and close your mouth at night!