By: Sarah Magdy

Shit happens! And it usually happens when we least expect it.
I’m not here to give you a sympathy list. I used to be so harsh on myself, many times when shit happened. I read everything you could possibly imagine from self-help books to online and motivational videos. You name it. I tried everything that I thought was applicable to my personality. I took amazing steps and I f****ed up lots of times. That’s where the real experience of “Not giving a shit” came to show its beauty.
Anyone can succeed and feel happy about themselves, but the true test of strength is failing over and over again and saying “F*** it, let’s give it another try”.


1- The Shit process steps

When shit happens, we usually do the following: Cry, spend hours repeating “Why me? Why me?”, review all the possible reasons behind the “shit”, find somebody to blame and fight with them or blame ourselves for everything.

2- The instant summary of your day 

You come up with the conclusion that you’re the only person in the world who’s dealing with this. I’m here to tell you this… you’re not alone. We all have baggage we’re dealing with; it’s how we deal with that baggage that makes us who we are.


3- Get it out of your system

Call up your best friend/close ones/ therapist/ taxi driver. Let it flow.


4- Run until you’re blue in the face 

Imagine yourself running from your problems. The more you run, the more your stress will go away and vanish.



5- Things could be WAY worse!

Imagine the worst case scenario. That’s not your reality. Things could be way more complicated, but they are not actually that bad.


6- You woke up today. Find a way to build on that 

Today is a new day. You woke up for a reason. That reason is definitely not to be sad and depressed.

7- “What happened yesterday will never happen today.”

Whatever happened due to pain and loss is not happening today.

8- It’s not permanent

Only giving up makes it permanent. Nothing lasts forever.


9- Be crazy creative when shit happens!

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, do something you have never done or tried before. Your routine day to day is already ruined!


10- Start reading books like crazy

Books are always a good escape. A good read can get you fully distracted.

Image result for reading books

11- Start working out

The more time you spend working on yourself and staying busy, the less time you can spend on negative self-destructive thoughts.

12- Dance

Dance your problems out. The more you have problems, the more you need to shake it!

13- Accept help when offered

By accepting help, you can release the stress and pressure associated with your problems.


14- Keep going

If you give up, you will remain exactly where you are. You will miss the possibility of something beautiful to come your way.


15- Take pleasure in the little things

Enjoy your coffee, take a walk with your dog or go buy a new dress! Get sexy for your depression!


16- Recognize the lesson learned

You think it’s just an unpleasant experience, nothing to learn or gain from. You will eventually find something that will make you think or feel completely different. 604

17- Put it behind you

It’s done. You cannot change what has happened; you can only change how you deal with it.


Everything happens for a reason. Whatever has happened to you is in the past; it’s time to move on.  Whether it’s a lost job, broken relationship, depressing weight gain or anything else that is threatening to pull you down, know that it happened for a reason. It’s a step that had to happen so that you can eventually get to where you need to be.

Reality is: Shit happens in life. Most of the time, it’s not a big deal.