We all have dark secrets that we’d rather keep to ourselves! No matter how close we are to our parents, we still like to avoid oversharing so we don’t get the shebsheb 3ala demaghna or in some cases get kicked out. We like to remain their presumed innocent child. We just enjoyed the idea of imagining how it would look like if we overshare our sick fantasies and our parents were exposed to the Abdu Muta or Samia keleneks living under their roof! Here are some of the scenarios!

1. If they only knew the number of courses you failed

They probably believe you’re an honors student. If they were to find out you’re actually on probation, your mother will probably get a heart attack and your dad will switch you to homeschooling!

2. If you tell your father about your new boyfriend and ex’s!

You will definitely be grounded for life and your father will make sure 7amada doesn’t land a job/wife or maybe even a life in some ugly cases!

3. You tell your dad how much that LV bag really costs!

We all try to think of legit excuses to get cash from our parents, like paying for a delayed course, when it’s only your boyfriend’s birthday! You probably want that Louis Vuitton clutch for 15K, and your dad thinks it only costs 15 Pounds! If he only knew, he’d trade you in person for his money back.

4. You discuss your favorite cigarettes and Shisha flavors with your parents

This conversation will probably be too shocking if your parents were conservative that they’ll want to get high with you to forget about it!

5. You were honest about how you drive

Every now and then, el 7agga asks you to drive her somewhere, and you buckle that seat belt along with the speed limit of 60KM/HR. Once you drop el 7agga off, ghoraz w race car mode are back in action. If only they realized, you can enjoy your scooter from now on!

6. Your love for the Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

They will then ask you to show them the movie, so you’ll have to upload the super censored version where they can enjoy only 3 minutes of the movie. You’ll still be spending the night in jail as an 2adab convict!

My final word of advice would be if you want to be honest with your parents, take it slowly and easy. These folks probably think you’re an angel and giving them the truth about your thug life would require breaking it down. We don’t want you coming over to our office expecting us to give you shelter, Man3rafaksh!

  • Abdallah Omar

    hahahahaaa 😀
    Frankly, my father was thinking that i love shesha and getting high every Eid but i don’t and he can’t believe me till now and i’m in that cycle for a long time maybe cause of my friends 😀 😀