What Do You Do That Makes Him Leave

No matter how many times we call men pigs, there will always be something that we do to make them the way they are. Granted, many of the times they’re at fault. But do we ever stop to think what it is we might’ve done? No. Instead, we go around criticizing them and boosting our confidence by telling each other “honey it’s not you, it’s him”, but what if it really is you?


The male species is known to hate nagging women

If you’re still trying to get to know him, don’t call him every day, twice a week will do just fine. Give him a chance to think about you, remember you by himself. When you want something from him, ask once, twice but not more. If it’s not done after the second time, chances are, he doesn’t want to do it and if that’s the case just stop trying. Don’t ask for things unless they’re vital. For example; don’t ask for gifts, wait for him to bring them. Finally, never, ever, nag for him to propose.

Never make him feel that you’ve fallen for him straight away

Don’t show him that you may have started to feel something towards him until you’re sure he feels something for you too. Guys scare easy. When they feel like you’ve advanced faster than they have, they freak out and start to panic. Only reflect the feelings they give you.

When dealing with men, don’t set the bar too high

Don’t expect too much from them and express your expectations, that annoys them. Setting the bar too high for men only disappoints you and drives them even farther away. Men hate feeling like they’re not satisfying you.

Finally, stop trying to change them

Prior to falling in love with someone, we see all the perks they offer, however, further in, we begin to see the disadvantages and try to fix them to our liking. Trying to change a man’s personality is an absolute turn off to him. They want you to like them for them, just as much as you want them to like you for you.

After a breakup, we all have this obscene misconception that he is the one at fault. We never stop to think that it may be us. Next time you start a relationship, make sure you focus on what might drive your man away!