According to Youm7, General Ahmed Tayel, South Sinai Governorate Head of Security, revealed in a press statement that strict security measures have been taken to investigate all passengers crossing the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel, which links between the Sinai Peninsula and the other Governorates.

He explained that these safety procedures necessitate meeting the following conditions if someone’s to pass through the tunnel:

1- Sinai citizens must carry their National ID, which is issued from Sinai.

2- Employees of Sinai’s public sector and Sharm El Sheikh Employees must issue a security card from their place of work.

3- Tourists and citizens going on vacation must prove that they own an apartment/chalet, have a rental contract or verify their hotel booking either by receipt or by a copy of their reservation on “Whatsapp”.

Tayel stated that the plans for implementing these procedures started taking place since the beginning of the new year in coordination between South Sinai and Suez Governorate Security Headquarters. According to sources, they are being put in place to supposedly block the smuggling of narcotics and prevent criminal and terrorist attacks from happening in Sinai.