Written by: Dahab Elkady

Game of Thrones episode 3 was 50 minutes of goosebumps! Clearly a lot to talk about and so many expectations for episode 4, but let’s just talk about how awesome this episode was! And of course *SPOILER ALERT*

The long waited meeting.

Jon Snow (The King of the North) and Daenarys Targaryen (Rightful Heir, Queen of Dragons.. well, all her titles). A lot of memes can be done for this scene to be honest. Jon Snow’s stubbornness drove Daenaryes mad and adding up to the dead army, it sounded impossible to convince her with the White Walkers now. But changing the subject to “You better start going Jon Snow” after accepting his dig under Dragonstone to find the Dragonglass could be a sign of trust soon.

Euron Greyjoy, what a man!

This guy could be topping the list as the best GoT villain so far! At his first appearance in season 6, we never thought he’d be so awesome in season 7. He’s believed to be worse than Ramsay in this season, and so far he’s been proving it in his heartless actions with his nephew and niece (Theon and Yara).

Tyrion Lannister.

Seasons come and seasons go and the very first impression about Tyrion is still the same. Tyrion Lannister is the favorite character for so many of GoT fans. Drinking and knowing things is what he does best for sure and this old friend of his got some really wise quotes.

Not so easy!

On the other side of the battle was Jamie Lannister, the Kingsguard who with the Rains of Castamere playing in the background managed to siege the Highgarden and get rid of the last Tyrell in the show, Olenna Tyrell, the Queen of Throns by poising her painlessly. But that’s not the end of it, in her last words she revealed the truth behind Joffrey’s death saying “Tell Cersie, I wanted her to know” and mics dropped!

Episode 3 just got us all over our seats and we just can’t wait for the next one! Looks like David Benioff is hiding many more surprises in the next episodes; what do you expect to happen next?