A man has been sentenced to 5 years in prison for harassing a woman, after she reported it to the authorities.

Hend Abd el-Sattar, 29, got harassed by a man in his toktok one afternoon on her way back home. She couldn’t stop him, but fortunately enough she took the toktok’s license plate numbers.

Ms. Abd el-Sattar then filed a police report against her attacker and the first hearing was last February. She said that she got all the support she needed from her family, especially her dad who told her to do as she pleases. She adds, however, that she was pressured by the harasser’s family to drop the case.

Justice took place this July and the harasser was sentenced to 5 years in prison and a EGP 1,000 fine.

On the same note, the Criminal Court is now looking on another case where a man harassed his co-worker in their workplace.

The harassment sentence according to the Egyptian Law is now no less than a 6 month prison period and a fine that goes between 3,000 to 5,000 EGP.

On another note though, after taking a look at how people commented on Hend’s Facebook post, we come to think that the problem isn’t with applying the law but rather with the mentalities that some people grew to have.

Apparently, Hend seems to have deactivated her Facebook account or adjusted her settings to be invisible on search. The phenomenon of objectifying women has been on the rise on all media platforms lately, and I’m hoping these comments won’t change the impact Hend had on every Egyptian girl encouraging us to never settle for bull**** when it comes to our rights.

SPEAK UP LADIES, justice is being served. Don’t let someone else’s crime prevent you from exercising your rights, and only then those mentalities will change.