Film title Marley and Me Jennifer Aniston

By: Kenzie Ali

There are quite a few things to expect when you have a dog. Some things are good; others are a little more complicated. Dog owners, you will relate to these points!

1- Get ready and then…attacked with dog hugs and licks!


You spend a lot of time picking your outfit, putting it on and applying make-up (hi ladies). Taking one last look in the mirror and making sure you look just right, you step outside with confidence. Except, you’re immediately attacked with strong dog hugs and wet licks, and suddenly, your outfit is covered with dog fur.

2- The door is slightly open? Quick, run out!


Blink and they’re gone. Out the door, into the street to possibly chase a cat. Or to get some fresh air. Or to trot in the wilderness…you get me. You gotta make sure the dogs are secured away before the front door opens or you’re going to spend half an hour running after them, calling their names and pulling them back home.

3- Cats…oh the cats


Touching on the point above, cats are a dog owner’s biggest nightmare. When you take your dog out for a walk or run and you encounter a cat, you better hope your feet are nailed to the ground or you’ll end up getting dragged like there’s no tomorrow! This rivalry between dogs and cats.

4- Going somewhere without me?


Let’s be real; your dog will always sense when you’re going to leave. And when the suitcase comes out, their worst nightmare comes true and they turn to their only solution, following their logic. If I sit in it, they won’t be able to pack. So they won’t leave. Success! Or it’s simply a call out to take them with you.

5- Trying to play catch…


Throw, but don’t take! The ultimate struggle to take the toy from the dog’s monstrous grip to, you know, play. Except the dog isn’t completely convinced, or doesn’t really get the way the game works.

6- Drags you out for a walk. Halfway through, you’re dragging them back home.

It starts with adrenaline and ends with exhaustion halfway. But it’s always exercise for you, either while keeping up with getting pulled in the beginning or pulling the dog back home.

7- Always taking pictures!

What’s happier than a phone full of dog pictures! It may very well be of the same pose, but they’re all very precious. That moment you wait for your dog to do something extraordinary to catch it on camera but then…it happens when the phone is not within your reach. Classic.

8- They may break the rules, but they always apologize.


They know when they do something wrong and they try to get away with it, except they don’t. They look guilty and bring out the puppy eyes, which sometimes work. Yes, I ate the biscuits. I’m sorry, but I really wanted to.

9- Best of all, they love you more than anything!

This one is pretty self explanatory.

Relatable, huh?